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Flash Version of scribblenauts.

2009-09-27 13:00:59 by pepper26

So even though nobody reads this, because nobody cares, I'd figure I'd announce this here. Our team is currently making a flash version of scribblenauts, completely from scratch. we are building everything from the ground up aside from the physics engine. this means it will take a fucking long time. But hey, we're not aiming to emulate scribblenauts. We're aiming to improve it with a larger lexicon built from scratch (which I am currently doing and I can honestly say it is a fuckload of work), better controls, and more game play. we may or may not follow all the original scribblenauts rules, one of the coders wants naughty words, and I think it would be interesting, although it could end up with some very perverted game play... I'd like to hear your (newground's) opinions because I'm pretty sure that you are the main target audience.


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2009-09-27 15:29:42

Whats Scribblenauts?


2009-09-27 15:52:42

Go for it i think that would be awesome good luck


2009-09-28 01:20:45

why the fuck arent you animating faggot?


2009-09-28 01:21:30

you obviously have the skill to do awesome shit and you just leave it. you could at least do some in your spare time dude. get your shit together!


2009-09-28 16:13:19

lol. Dude, do this shit right now. I want it. <3
Also, naughty words would be fine.
AND, I might need your help on my individual project, again. If you're up for it that is.

Nice to see you still being busy with stuff. :D


2009-09-28 18:32:29

Very nice. Hope to see a release or at least some updates about it.


2009-10-03 23:45:06

That sounds fucking sweet. if you do you should have a website to upload models and then write to dl them into the game.


2010-02-25 00:24:15

You should find some way to make this open-source or something. So that the pool of objects to choose from can be as big as possible.


2010-07-02 05:16:58

Sounds sooo intense cant wait!!!


2011-01-23 05:07:23

Sweet finish it Finish It FINISH IT!!......... please......


2011-03-19 06:28:52



2011-09-10 19:53:10

yes yes innappropriate things yes yes lol. cuss words drugs let people have fun :D its not like anything could go wrong. if someone doesnt like it they dont have to type in the stuff lol. and maybe create places like we type "water park" and the place turns into a water park or castle, treehouse, ect.


2013-05-10 00:11:48

This was four years ago. Where is it?


2013-12-22 16:29:32

make it its an awesome idea.